The difference between diamonds and brilliants

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You often see the terms diamond and brilliant used interchangeably. But is that actually justified?You could say that there is some confusion when we talk about a cut diamond, as we call it a brilliant. So not every diamond is brilliant, but every brilliant is a diamond. The Royal Asscher Cut brings you beautifully shaped diamonds that will last a lifetime. This makes jewelry from royalasscher.com a perfect gift for a loved one. 

When was the classic brilliant cut developed?

The brilliant cut was developed around 1910. The classic shape has a circular girdle with at least 32 facets plus table in the upper part (also called crown) and at least 24 facets in the lower part. Due to the fixed proportions of a brilliant cut, the approximate weight can be derived from the diameter.

Other very hard gemstones can also be cut in brilliant form, for example moissanite and artificial zirconia. For this, however, trade names such as “brilliant-cut moissanite” should be given to avoid confusion with diamonds.

An ancient art

The variants of gemstone cutting common today have existed for very hard stones such as diamonds for several centuries: diamonds have only been worked specifically since the 14th century, initially only the natural crystal surfaces were cut. When the grinding wheel was developed at the end of the 15th century, stones with more facets could be cut.

Around 1650, the so-called Mazarin cut was developed, which had 34 facets. This was further developed into the Peruzzi cut at the end of the 17th century by the gem grinder Peruzzi in Venice. The result was the ancient cut, the direct predecessor of the modern brilliant. This round body was already the goal of the precursors, but this was only achieved with the development of the brilliant cut.

During the 20th century, several variations of the brilliant cut were developed, such as the Tolkowsky brilliant or the ideal brilliant.


If you want to learn more about brilliants and other interesting jewelry-related topics, we recommend you look around online carefully. There are many resources on this matter and they are definitely worth reading. If you want more home inspiration, then read the other texts on our site.

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